Under XP pro and Win2K .iInstalled printers are simply disappearing (for
good) when a different user logs into Novell

This is Netware 6.5SP3 clients are 4.91SP2 on Win2K and Win XP.
NDPS printing is still used, not iPrint. The registry is set such that the
local workstation always logs on as Admin, and the Novell login is then
presented as normal for the network server.

The symptom I have is that any printers installed using the Microsoft
standard method, browsing for a printer on the network and then adding a
driver if not installed automatically, has the following problem. Once
installed, the printers work, and are still present after each reboot. But
when a different user logs on to Novell on that workstation, the printers
just disappear, and do not reappear when the original user logs on again.

I feel this is a Novell issue.