We're on NW6.5 SP5, Zen 4.01 IR6. We use a Zen 4 "NT User Printer" policy to
automatically install Canon printers. The printers all use "Canon
iR5000-6000 pcl5e" drivers, and work fine on NT but error on XP.

The error is:

Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close.
szappname: spools.exe
szmodname: cnp50mui_d1579.dll"

If you manually install the printer and driver with an account with local
admin rights there isn't a problem - but obviously we don't want to give
everyone local admin rights and want the policy to install it for them.
Other printer drivers (Kyocera, HP) work fine too, it's just this Canon
driver that errors.

Most of the Microsoft hits for this error seem to involve making changes to
the .inf file for the driver, but I wouldn't know where to start. Any
suggestions? Is there a TID that runs through steps to get round this


Steve Law