I have the problem documented in TID3005152, unable to delete print jobs. I
have a clustered environment, 2 brokers and 4 print servers. I tried
updating one print server last night, but received the 111 error when
reloading the manager.
On the console screen: The Print Device Subsystem could not get the
HP5MPCL.NPD file from the Resource Management Service. Yada Yada Yada.
On the loader screen: The Print Device Subsystem was uable to complete the
111 operation with the NDPS Manager.
Error code 0xFFFFFCD2.
The Print Device Subsystem could not get the network location of the
Resource Management Service. Make sure the Resource Management Service is
running, then restart the Print Device Subsystem.

Question: I loaded all the files from iprntnw65sp5d on this server. Could I
avoid this problem by only loading the updated ippsrvr.nlm?

If not, do I have to load all the files from this update? Should I be using
different files? (Newer, older?)

Looks like I'll have to update the files on all servers that will run a
broker or print server. Correct? All at the same time?