Novell has received a lot of feedback regarding NDPSGW.NLM that shipped
with Support Pack 6 for NetWare 6.5. Customers are reporting that some
printers can't get past the LPR Communication Failed state, even though the
printers can be pinged. There are many scenarios that cause NDPSGW.NLM to
report that LPR Communication cannot occur. We have resolved many of these
issues, but we know from your feedback that there are more scenarios that
we need to understand and resolve.

The purpose of this announcement is to illicit more feedback from you. If
your server is running NDPSGW.NLM dated 29JAN2007 and some printers are
still getting LPR Communication failed, then please email with the subject of "Want Latest LPR Comm Failed

Novell has released a few iterations of NDPSGW.NLM in the last month. Each
iteration has resolved more scenarios. Since the 29JAN2007 release, we
have found and resolved more issues. Before posting this latest build as a
patch, we want to confirm how much progress we are making on this issue.
Your assistance in helping us make NDPSGW work with every network printer
is greatly appreciated.

NOTE: You can obtain the 29JAN2007 NDPSGW by going to, click Download, Patches, search for NDPSGW.NLM.