Server was 5.1 SP7 with 4GB of memory. I applied SP8 and NW51OS8A to the
server. After rebooting it gave me "NDPS Manager database index file is
corrupt. You may select "Resynchronize Database files" option in the
following menu to generate a new index file." So I did the resynchronize
which appeared to work okay and NDPSM then loaded.
However, utilization is staying anywhere from about 40 to 80% and dirty
cache buffers stay at about 20. If I unload NDPSM everything drops down to
about 0.
What should I try at this point?

I also noticed that when NDPSM loads it also gives an error trying to load
IPPSRVR. Is this a problem? We don't use IPP.

Since NDPS modules were upgraded from SP7 to SP8, is it okay to try
restoring the older IDX & DAT?

Thanks for your help,