I've got two different departments who are having trouble with printing
their mail merges. One department's been having problems for a few years
while the other only started reporting the issue two months ago.

We're running Netware 6.5 SP6 servers. Clients are connecting to various HP
printers either through the iPrint client 4.20 or 4.26 or through NDPS
through the Novell client. All workstations are running the Novell client
4.91. They do a mail merge in MS Word 2003, merge it to a new document, and
then print it. The job can range in size from 200 to 1000+ sheets. They
then print the job. However, after the printer finishes printing a set
number (which varies by job between 10 and 50%) it will restart the print
job, going back to page 1 instead of continuing on with the next page.
Sometimes the printer reported a paper jam when there was none, sometimes it
didn't; in the cases when it did report a jam it appears that correlated to
when it restarted on page 1. In researching this I found one thread via
Google Groups which seems to indicate that if you're printing a merged
document and there is a paper jam it is supposed to restart on page 1.

So far I've tried changing the printer's gateway load command from




That didn't fix it so I switched it back. Another person if it was a driver
issues, but it's happening with two different printer models. They also
speculated that it could be due to printer memory, but shouldn't the server
be sending it to the printer as it needs it and not overwhelming it? We
rarely buy more RAM for our printers, so they're probably running around 32
or 64 MB.

My problem is I'm not sure which component is the problem (Word, Netware, or
the HP printer) let alone what the solution is. Does anyone have some
advice on how to fix this problem?