I have a 2 node NW6.5 OES cluster, with NDPS running as a virtual server
on it. When I load the resource onto the first node, all runs fine. When
it fails over, or I load it on the second node, I get "The NDPS Manager
cannot resolve the DNS name print.mydomain.com". That servers DNS
resolves the DNS name fine. Here's my load line from the cluster script.

ndpsm .HS_Print_Manager.Instructional.JCCSD /dbvolume=nocheck /dnsname=pri

Both machines DNS resolvers are the same, and when the resource loads,
the DNS name resolves fine. Even while a ping to that DNS is running,
NDPSM still gives me that error. it will load if I do "/dnsname= " but
then my ipp stuff doesn't work.

Any ideas?