Iprntnw65sp6e does not fix the following problem, which does not occur with the NetWare SP5 NDPSGW.NLM:

We are printing long jobs (hundrets of pages) to a Epson DLQ 5000+ dot matrix printer, which is connected over a HP Jetdirect card.

With iprntnw65sp6e the jobs end after maybe 16 or 20 pages, goes into retained state and prints again. So the job never ends.

It seems, that the new iprntnw65sp6e NDPSGW.NLM recognize a problem and tries to print again the "failed" job.

We have also still the problem, if our AS/400 prints a job with copies over LPR to our NDPS Manager. Then after SP6 the jobs never ends. The job will be transmitted again and again. It seems that the new NDPS manager does not feed back to the AS/400, that the LPR job is already transmitted. This did not happen with the SP5 NDPS manager (LPR2NDPS.NLM).
Novell open incident SR # 10313864243

UVEX SafetyGroup GmbH
Andreas Ebert