Okay, first of all I am just learning Novell so please make any
explanations as detailed as possible. Thank you.

We have two Canon Imagerunner Copier/Printers. One is an Imagerunner
5000 and the other is an Imagerunner 600. Both of these worked great
under our Novell 4.12 network with Qprint (I believe that's what it is
called) and they did everything they were supposed to do.

In December, we upgraded to Novell 6.5 SP6 with iPrint. I then did the
process of migrating all of our printers to the new system by installing
the iPrint client on all the workstations and ensuring all printers were
being managed by iPrint within iManager.

Problems developed with the Imagerunners. Print jobs would be sent to
them and the workstations acknowledged (via iPrint) that print jobs were
completed. The logs on the Imagerunners even reflected the fact that
print jobs did go to them but they would not print remotely from another
workstation. After bringing the Canon tech out a couple of times, we
called Canon HQ.

They informed me that the Imagerunners we have are incompatible with
iPrint and that they would have to be installed using an NDPS system,
queue-type system, independent of iPrint. This, of course, was the limit
of my technical knowledge of doing this kind of thing since we had
removed all traces of "Q"-based printing.

Upgrading the printer/copiers to newer models isn't an option at this
time and people want to be able to print and copy remotely. A short-term
solution of using a pocket printer server (HP 300X's) worked at first,
but even that solution is failing miserably so the direct network
connection is needed but something within the network has to be done to
install these printer/copiers.

I realize that I will have to install said printer/copiers on the target
computers using the Windows Printers and Faxes selection versus using

Any assistance in being able to set up some sort of NDPS for the
Imagerunners or some other viable solution that would allow the users to
remotely send things and the Imagerunners would be able to do everything
again would be greatly appreciated.