I’m using Zen 7.0 on Windows XP SP2 with group policies enabled.
Under “Windows Desktop Preferences” I have checked the following boxes,
Roaming Profiles, Enable Storage of Roaming Profiles and Store User
Profile in Network Directory Location and the path is set to a UNC path in
which the users have all rights other the Supervisor and Access Control.
I am tried using volatile and non-volatile DLU.

Note: this only happens when I’m not using an iPrint policy on the
machine. If iPrint policies are in place, there is not a problem.
Although an option, I’m not interested in creating an iPrint policy for
each computer within a school building.
Here is what is happening. When my users login in using the .MAN policy,
set the default printer and restart the machine, the default printer is no
longer set as the default. If the user only logs out and back in, the
default printer is still correct.

Is it possible to user the NTUSER.MAN and still allow my users to select
and retain a default printer?