I am trying to do a demonstration of iPrint in a wireless environment that
only permits HTTPS (443) communication. I have enabled secure printing on
my printers as well as set the security level to high. I've tested my
scenario successfully on our wired network where firewall permissions are
more loose. However, when I move the same scenario to wireless, I can
access the printer list, but when I click to install a printer, I receive
a Winsock 10060 timeout error.

From looking at the docs, Novell states "If you are using the latest
iPrint Client and server software, iPrint attempts to use TLS for printing
on port 631 automatically." But they also say "Between the client and the
Print Manager, the print data is encrypted and all print communication
uses port 443." I've also found: "SSL is automatically enabled when a
printers security is changed to High when using Novell iManager."

I believe my scenario is failing because the iPrint client is trying to
use TLS on 631 which isn't permitted. How can I configure things to ignore
TLS (631) and do all communication using SSL (443)? or can I not decouple
things like that?