I made some changes in drivers stored on
ndps\resdir\ENGLISH\Prndrv\Win2000 by HP Driver Pre-configuration Utility
(duplex, memory etc.). After extracting ZIP file and setting parameters I
replace HPLJxxxx.CF_ in NDPSDRVR.ZIP back.
So archive has other size than before, which is stored in second file
NDPSTOC.INI (in [ARCHIVES] part). I have to delete NDPSTOC.INI and
completely unload and load NDPS modules on server to get new NDPSTOC.INI
with the right size of ZIP.
It takes long time on server with about 30 printer agents.

So i tried to install modified drivers with old NDPSTOC.INI and it
happened even second trying with no NDPSTOC.INI by NDPSDRV.ZIP.
Well, I would like to ask, what is a purpose of NDPSTOC.INI and if it is
replace automatically by NetWare sometime without NDPS modules restart

Thanks. Nagant.

PS. NetWare6/SP4