After updating my nw65sp6 print server to iprntnw65sp6f, I am now getting
the following error message.

Date Time: NDPSGW-4.0-0
NDPSJMComm failed with error -914, opcode: 106

the patch so far seems to have fixed all sorts of other issues I was
having, and everything seems to be working. But I get the error message
when I attempt to go into and am in the NDPS manager screen in remote
manager on the server.

It takes the NDPS manager screen a rather long time to load up now, before
it was only a second or 2 now its 30 seconds or more.

This seems to happen on the first attempt to enter the NDPS Manager screens
leaving them and returning seem to work fine.

This post is meant more for information for the devs, then a request for