I have started setting up the Iprint/NDPS on a 6.5sp6 server. The snag is
all our clients with Printers use IPX only protocol.

I have setup the NDPS Manager and Broker and Created a Printer in
iManager or on the console. iManager seems to only allow IP connections
so I reverted back to NWADMIN or the server console programs mentioned

I think I need to use Novell Gateway as these are LaserJets and epsons
with IPX clients. I have already added NDPS on all the clients also.

Couple of basic questions for you :-)

1, Where about do I put the drivers in the SYS directory. ?

2, Some a large programs in there own right (OfficeJets) etc

I also wondered whether the drivers even needed to be installed for a
printer connected to a client PC as that has the driver already and
effectively runs the show. Just some thoughts.

I think it would be a lot better/easier with IP actually but that ain't
my decision.

I vaguely remember using NPTWIN95 or Nprinter many moons ago also!!

All help/advice appreciatted.