We are having an issue with our HP DesignJet 500 plotter (HPGL2).

When we send autocad drawings to the plotter, we see them appear as "Job
being processed" in iManager under Jobs (nothing in retained jobs).

On the NDPS Manager screen for the printout, the job appears in the
list, but sits at "0 kbytes sent" for about 5 minutes, then eventually
gets "Error Printing - LPR Communication Failed".

I can access the weblet for the printer directly by IP address, so I
beleive there are no issues with the IP communications.

If I leave the error up for a minute or two, the status will return to
"Printing" but still "0 kbytes sent", eventually the printer will return
to "LPR Communication failed".

In NDPS Manager (3.01t on Netware 6.5 sp5 + post sp5 patches) I can
shutdown and restart the printer to manually clear the LPR Communication
failed, bu this simply returns the printer to a state of "Printing" with
0 kbytes sent.

Any ideas would be appreciated.