Hi all,

At this moment we have two Print Managers (let's say Manager01 and
Manager02). We had some problems with Manager01. The problem was,
after creating a particular printer in Manager01, to set rights to
users to become a queue operator for that printer. Someone of our
department thought this could be a problem, because of a wrong setting
of the the AllowUserPrinters parameter. So he created a second
Printmanager. At this moment all printers arre running on the
Manager01, and we already created the new printers on Manager 02. We
distributed all printers on Manager01 in the past via a Workstation
policy. We want to use the same Workstation Policy to add the new
printers from Manager02 to the workstations, and remove the old ones.
But which Iprint.ini file is red by the Iprint client?


Mark Hofland