I need to add some driver files to my iPrint server for a new printer,
and when I attempt to add them from a file, I am getting an error message
consistent with what is described in support article 3018152 titled "Add
From File" button is unresponsive for iPrint driver upload with iManager.
I am currently running Netware 6 with SP5, and iManager 1.2.2, so my
versions are definately older that what is required for the patch.
Considering this, I attempted the Netware Workaround option. However, in
attempting to perform this, I was not able to find any of the files
indicated in the support article (ResourceDriversPage.jsp,
PrinterDriverProfile.jsp, CreatePrinterDriverProfile2.jsp, or
ModifyPrinterDriverProfile2.jsp) or even a file path consistent with what
is referenced in the article. I was also advised to try adding the file
with AV protection on the iPrint server disabled. I tried that this
morning with the same results. I would greatly appreciate any and all
ideas on how to get this working again.

Thanks in advance,

Russ Dillion