I'm trying to use iPrint on a Windows 2003 server, but the iPrint client is
limiting itself to features only available for Terminal Server. I'm using
the latest version of the iPrint client, as of the date of posting - v4.26.

This is NOT a Terminal Server server and was never configured to have that
"role" - it's a web/database server, and the jBoss app that's running on it
doesn't like something about the way iPrint installs/configures a printer,
and I'm concerned that is because the iPrint client is misinterpreting the
server as a Terminal Server rather than as simply another Windows client
machine. There's no way to troubleshoot that if I can't make the iPrint
client behave as though this is NOT a TS/Citrix server, which it is not -
and that bugs me more.

What I'm hoping someone has answers for me is:

1) How does the iPrint client decide that the server is a TS server? Is
there a reg key it looks at? No documentation I can find mentions this.
2) Can the iPrint client "TS mode" be turned off somehow, post-install, or
will I have to rectify whatever's causing the client to misinterpret the
box as TS and do a complete reinstall of the iPrint client?

Bottom line - I want my iPrint client to simply be a client, for the
end-node "server" PC that just happens to be running Windows Server 2003.
I do not want it to assume that just because it's 2K3 that it's TS or
Citrix. Is this possible?

If not, I will be forced to set it up as a direct-IP printer and I don't
want to bypass NDPS. If the answer is "go direct-IP" then why use
NDPS/iPrint at all? That defeats the purpose of having a print service
like NDPS to begin with.