I'm starting this thread because of something that was posted in the
Client32 forum. A person made a push for Novell to support NDPS under
Vista because of shortcomings in iPrint.

Rather than go that direction, I asked, what is it that you can't do
with iPrint that makes you need NDPS clients at all?

One of the answers was driver updates. I believe in NW 6.5 sp6 you can
rename an iPrint printer which will force a driver update? That's not
an ideal solution, I would rather see an "update driver" checkbox in
iManager. Doesn't seem like it would be a huge deal to do. Right now
the iPrint client checks for new versions of itself, I would think it
could check currently installed printers to see if a flag is set to
deploy an updated driver and act accordingly. It would only need to do
this at boot time. I don't think it's unacceptable for people to have
to wait until next boot to get updated printer drivers.

Anything else missing that is a show stopper for you if you had iPrint
only and not NDPS?