When creating a new printer in iManager, everything works.

Until I go to modify the printer agent to change some settings, add a
driver profile, etc.
iManager errors with:

Attribute could not be found: Printer Agent Name

After researching I found the cause of this is because the "Printer
Agent Name" and "PSM Name" attributes haven't been written to the NDS
object of the printer. If I go to ConsoleOne, OTHER tab, and add
these attributes, then iManager works fine.

So the question is why aren't these attributes being written? I am
running iManager 2.6 with the latest build and iprint modules. The
NDPS server is running NW 6.5 SP6 with the latest patches including
iprint patches.

One thing to note is my iManager server and NDPS server are seperate
servers. I do not have iManager installed on the NDPS server. This
is for obvious reasons - I'm not installing iManager on all 6 NDPS

Has anyone got any ideas? Because of this issue I'm unable to
delegate the creation of printers to our Servicedesk - very
frustrating. It turns creating a printer into an arduous task. The
issue has existed for the past 12 months and I hoped it would get
fixed at some point!