I've got a memory issue on a 6.5 sp4a server. I'd like to service pack it
to 6, but am a little leary due to the ndps issues.

We currently run approx. 100 printers (a mixture of about 50/50 JetDirect,
and the rest LPR through xp). I really can't afford that not to work. Allo
of our printing system wide goes through NDPS.

We aren't using IPrint, and I still create all of my printers in NWADMIN.

Should I SP up to 6 and back-rev the ndps to 5? Or should I shoot for 6
with vers. "f", and then back-rev if I run into problems?

I don't want to create a problem where I have to run around updating
firmware on all my printers, and I'm not quite clear on whether I'd have to
reconfigure for strict LPR.

Thanks in advance for your time.