OK - I have made some observations regarding the iPrint client for mac
whilst testing the latest 4.26 client offering. I am not that MAC
literate so please help me out here - thx!

Firstly - its difficult to tell which version you are running. From
Safari the plugin version is 1.26.
Huh? I guess v1.26 of the plugin translates to 4.26? The other way I
have found it to look at 'unistall iprint.pfg' and look at the version
number on this file.

Secondly after installing an iPrint printer I have noticed that Safari
closes down on me. It installs the iPrint printer ok - but Safari
just quits and with it is lost any web pages you may have been looking
at. Is this by design? Trouble is I lost the page I wanted to
print!? Not a good feature in my mind.

Any help with the above would be appreciated, maybe I will post the
Safari observation to the developers ;o)