I have iPrint and Duplex capable printers.
I have iPrint setting up the printers to Duplex automatically.
(basically the check box for print on both sides is checked for the user)

My problem is when I go to print something that I don't want duplexed, it
still does it.

I have a multipage Document that I want info on each page (not front and
back) So when I goto print and select the printer properties I see the
check box for print on both sides and it is checked (as it should be)
So I uncheck it so I'll get info just on one page.

But when I go to the printer, it printed on both sides.

Something I missed?

Theses are HP printers 4700dn and 5550dn
Netware 6.5 sp5cpr release.
XP machines with Hotfixes applied
iPrint 4.26