When I set up a printer on a workstation, the port is for instance,
ipp:// The is the Iprint server.
That has worked fine for me because the 10's address is not routable so
people from the outside can't send print jobs. I now have a need to
allow some people from the outside a way to print to a few printers. My
Iprint server has a NATed external IP address and from the outside I
would like to be able to set up a few users with the ability to go to
the server with a url in place of the ip address (I could even live with
being able to change the ipaddress to the external address if I had to).
How do I get the url to be placed in the port, for instance

I don't need or want it on all of my printers, just 1 or 2 of the 200
that I have.