Hello All,

We have just purchased some Xerox 8560DT printers, installed the drivers
into the Broker via iManager, but when we try to install the printer we get
the following error:

Error Message: The system cannot find the file specified.
Error group: Windows
Error code: 2

It would appear to be a windows problem except the top of the box says
Novell iPrint.

I have followed some TID's on checking path, they seem consistent with what
is required.

Did try TID 10086895, even though it is a little old.

Anyone else see this?

NDPSM Version 3.02 November 30,2006
NDPSGW Version 4.00.10 March 6, 2007
NDPS Broker is Version 3.0.11

Thanks for any and all help in advance!