Hello All,

A couple of things...

I am trying to enable IPrint printers to be used but without
installing the Novell Client. I have a basic Windows XP machine,
installed the client and then printed to a printer - the job just
disappeared and did not come out of the printer. We use the GPAS
print charging system here so i need to ensure that the user is using
the NDS account and therefore can be charged for the print.

I currently use {RoomNumber}_{Printer model} as the Iprint name. This
seems to work OK as i can then place the printers in the map. - What
happens when the printer is moved. At the moment I am recreating the
IPrint resource, but then have to tell all the users to re-install the
printer which is a bit of a pain. Can I just rename the printer and
it will automatically redistribute to the clients or do i have to
think of a better naming convention?

Any help would be fantastic