Anyone have ideas for me? This is only affecting Suse 10.2

When I try to add a printer via iPrint I click the link to install and
I am prompted to login via a 'Novell iPrint Client' login prompt
which says:

Realm: Local iPrint/CUPS user account

Any username/pwd I try just does not work. If I put root in here it
hangs and I have to force quit the application.

Everything works ok on 10.1. I have installed both 10.1 and 10.2 a
few times now, and am using the same linux iPrint client with low

There is no security on the iPrint printer itself - proved by the fact
it works ok via the 10.1 desktop.

(I can add new printers via CUPS localhost:631/admin and this allows
me to authenticate ok)


1 - why do I get a username/pwd prompt?
2 - why does root username/password hang the app?