When I set up a printer, I would like for the printer server url rather
than the ip address be used. When I set up a new Iprint on my server, I
followed the instructions in the setup regarding having a DNS entry
for the server having the iprint services. I also put the server name
in the hosts file of the server and even added it to the hosts file in
my workstation for good measure. I started the print manager with the
When I look on the print manager object, the URL is there. However,
when I set up my printer on my workstation, the ipaddress rather than
the url is present ie. "printer01 on ipp://" shows up. When I
started the print manager, I started it with the switch
/dnsname=iprint.domain.com where iprint.domain.com was the url I wanted
for the iprint system.

I just have a single printer in the system now, so I can redo anything
without too much problem.