I am in the process of doing a Iprint move and upgrade. I am working in
the my test tree now.

I have a NW 6.5 sp3 server (old) and a NW6.5 sp6 server (new). Both have
the latest version of nipp.

I have loaded up a print manager and populated it with a printer on my sp3
server. Started NDPS without the DNSname param. I then had a PC add it.

I then re-loaded the same print manager with the DNSname option still on
the sp3 server. But the already loaded printer will not change it's name
on the PC to reflect the change. (per TID 3628527). I even added the
printer to a differnt PC after I started running the NDPS Manager with the
DNSname switch, that printer showed the printer with DNSname not the
server IP address. What did I do wrong?

I need to verify that per TID 3628527, Iprint will change the Printers to
the DNSname so I can move NDPS to a new server. (later in 3 months, it
will move to Linux).

Phil J.