Folks, I have a very humble request to make of you.. I have never really
worked with NDPS, nor with its successor iPrint. I've used queue based
printing extensively and IP based printing. With NDPS though I am a bit
confused, and I've recently watched an employee try to add a new HP 3005n
to the NDPS system. Obviously issues cropped up with drivers, etc. My
needs are to learn how to add a new printer, with its driver to NDPS. I've
figured out that we need to use the Novell Gateway vs. any third party,
but I am still left hanging when the printer driver is not already in the
system. The systems are mostly 6.5SP6, but we do have one 5.1 still in the

A CBT or walkthrough would be a great help. I am sure we can use iPrint as
some of the patches basically brough me up to that level, but I still
really need to understand how to add printers to the Novell GW side which
were not in existance at the time all the PDF files were built.

Thanks in advance...