I'm having some strange difficulty printing to some of my NDPS printers
today. I have Windows XP, NDPS running on NW 6.5sp4, and Pcounter
version 5.26.

I am having some strange printing difficulties. Initially, some print
jobs would either cause a application crash or return an error from NDPS
"A write fault occured on the network."

This would only occur on some printers, and only some of the time. So,
I rebooted the printer server. Now, I can print to non-billed printers,
but printers set up to be billed by PCounter are not charged. The client
app does not pop up and the job gets paused in the queue (normal
behavior for printing to printers and not charging).

Also, (this doesn't have anything to do with Netware), one of the
copiers that can scan to an ftp folder on the network cannot connect to
the destination.

The only change in the network I have made is I moved the servers
yesterday evening to a Gigabit switch. I tested basic connectivity
then, but not printing. The printer does not have a Gigabit NIC, so I
moved it back to it's original fast ethernet switch, but that did not
solve the problem.

Very strange problems. Does this situation turn on any light bulbs
for anyone?