We want to push printers to the client using iPrint. We use B/W printers with colour option. When we push down the driver we assign it to a default of B/W, and don't want the user to be able to change it. We create a second iPrint printer with an option of colour and push that to clients that are authorized to use the colour option. This is done mainly because of cost differences in B/W or colour prints.

We have created a printer profile and assigned this printer profile to a iPrint printer. When the printer is distributed to the client all settings are correct. The client can afterwards change the settings to colour, or can change the driver to another driver (e.g. from a B/W driver to a colour driver, or from a PCL driver to a PS driver).

Is there any way to make sure that an iPrint printer is only using the printer with the driver that has been assigned in the driver profile, or with the options that are set in the printer profile.

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