When i try and install a printer from both Safari and Camino i get the error message "iPrint
encountered a problem trying to retrieve information from the printer"

I found a hidden file called error.txt in ~/.iPrint inside this where a number of repeating errors

Thu May 17 12:14:40 2007
Trace Info: iprint.c, line 6149
Group Info: IPRINT-lib
Error Code: 4096 (0x1000)
User ID: 501
Error Msg: iPrint Lib - Bad URI type supplied (not IPP:, HTTP:, or HTTPS:).
Debug Msg: IPRINTInterpretURI for pdf800://distiller/ - Unknown Port Type - pdf800

So i uninstalled all of my other printers and iprint and restarted and reinstalled iPrint then I
reinstalled iPrint and now i have a different repeating error

Thu May 17 15:12:08 2007
Trace Info: iprint.c, line 690
Group Info: CLIB
Error Code: 22 (0x16)
User ID: 501
Error Msg: Invalid argument
Debug Msg: IPRINTCreateRequest - httpConnect to ipp://shefuniprt/ipp/4100 failed (22)

Any ideas to solve this problem.