We are running Iprint in a cluster. We are not sure what happened but
something occurred today causing the cluster to migrate to another server.
After several failed attempts to bring up the servers we commented out
lines in the cluster startup script and we were able to determine that
NDPSM.NLM was causing the cluster resource to fail and go "comatose". We
are running a 4 node cluster with Netware 6.5 sp5 on 3 of the nodes and
sp6 on the fourth.

We have searched the knowledgebase at Novell and came up with a TID
indicating that this corruption may have been caused because the cluster
services DID migrate to the fourth server (with sp6) during this failover.

In an attempt to repair NDPS services, we copied the .PSM files from the
NDPS folder, cleared the folder and rebuilt the NDPS Manager database
using PAGen and the PADBTXT.CSV file (as directed in TID 10092230).

After this we saw all of the printers in the NDPS Manager window but we
can't seem to print to any of them. We also noticed that all of the
printer driver profiles were gone. We tried to manually install an Iprint
printer on a client pc by using the iprntcmd command. The error was
connection timed out. Also, when we go to http://servername/ipp, the page
loads, but no printers ever show up.

We REALLY need to get this working soon!
Thanks for any assistance that you may provide.

Charlie Fastner