I'm seeing some conflicting information regarding this (hopefully it'll
get straightened out):

Is there a way to allow a user to JUST delete print jobs from an iPrint

I know users can delete their OWN jobs, I'm talking about like HelpDesk
or something.

I don't care if it's through NRM, iMangler, or the iPrint client.

From what I see, it appears that this is not possible.

I see reports that this only works if you make all your printers secure
(instead of public access printers).

I see other reports that say you don't need to do this, BUT there's no
way to give "just" the printer control section of the rights in iMangler
(ie, they get print manager which also lets them mess with drivers,
etc.) or nothing at all.

One would hope that Novell has a method to do this, since we had this
ability in "queue" based printing.