we have a nw 65 sp6 box running iprint 4.28.
there is a hp jetdirect 300x box with an epson DLQ 3000+
dot matrix attached to it and is an iprint queue.
The user printed to the queue from a dos app to lpt2
[lpt2 is captured to the iprint queue] and it all started fine and was
printing fine then just stopped, so we resent the job
but the orignal job just kickstarted from the start again,
but the confusing thing is i delete the jobs from the
wkstation,turned off the jetdirectbox and the printer and the
pc is turned off, and at the iprint console on server there
is nothing queued.so i turn back on the jet directbox, then turn back
on the printer and wait for a few minutes and nothing has started
printing, which is what i expect as there is nothing in the queue.
i then restart the pc and look into the queue for the printer
on it [contol panel, printers]. but a coupable of minutes later
the last print job from that pc that did not finish starts off
again eventhough i cannot see the job in any queue.
My question is where is the job being held to say is started again
and why can't i see it anywhere