Hi All

I would like to configure iprint in one of our remote locations (in
We have three printers at that location, the thought is that one of our
employees travel around, they just go to the site iprint/ipp and select
a local printer, and they can print.

So to do it properly I need to create driver profiles for the different

In our mainoffice I finally got it working by going directly to the ip,
and use the ip in the tree field under login in iManager.

I tried going to the iManager on the remote site
(iprint.remotesite.co.in), and that complained about Winsock, and DNS
(Winsock 11001 - Host name not found in the DNS database).
Our DNS servers up here act as secondaries for the local DNS's, so
that's a bit baffling. I'm not sure which hostname it's referring to.

So I tried using a local workstation, and start iManager on that.
That gave me another error, it first shows the window "loading driver
configuration", and then it stops with an error:
Error message: the operation completed successfully
Error Group: Windows
Error code: 0