I’ve been using the server consolidation tool to migrate data from
our direct attached storage NW6.5 sp3 servers to NW6.5 sp5 SAN attached

I’ve been steadily going though the data, and it has been working
fine. But now whenever I kick off a copy it doesn’t copy any data.
The window pops up and the time ticks away, but never starts to copy any
files. Eventually I have to stop the job, this then leaves NUWAGENT.NLM
still running on the source server, and I cant rested the system or unload
the module. (Power button to restart)

I’m puzzled as to why this has topped working as I have changed
nothing on any of these servers. Also tried running the job directly from
the server (NUWAGENT.NLM – a) but get the same results.

Anyone got any idea what could be causing this to stop working?