Hi all,

In the novell client we have installed on workstation running win 2000,xp
and Vista in about 200 branches. Under the novell client configuration in
service location. It was observed that scope list and Directory agent list
was not added in the service location.

Could that be the reason for the unsual behaviour we're experiencing which
is listed below

1. When users resume in the morning especially monday morning it takes
about 30 minutes before they could login in successfully .
2. After logging in successfully it was found out that they are not
authenticated to thier local server but authenticated to head office
server over the wan.
3. Some where able to authenticate to thier server locally but cannot
access their data volume while they are still mapped locally to the data
4. Some working perfectly well until they are been thrown out and canot
login or authenticate to thier server locally.

I await your response.

Thank You.