Some of you may remember my post about 4-5 weeks ago about a dying 5.0


Well it totaly died before we got the new server so we are having to
and set up Novell 6 server from scratch.

We have a number of printers that connect to the network using HP
Jetdirect boxs (such as the 500x) and I am trying to connect them to
new server.

I can setup the queue, printer and Printer server objects but I can't
the queue to talk to the printer. I can see the printers using HP's Jetdirect utility but when I try and setup the link to the queue I am
that 'This printer is already configured in Bindery Mode'. Sometimes
also says that the Print Server already exists in that context. If it

does seem to work then the printer starts spewing out error messages saying that an event has caused jetdirect to reset. The only way to
these messages is to disconnect the jetdirect box and delete the print

queue and printer from the tree.

I have tried using 'Novell's guide to Netware 6 Networks' and the
knowledge base without any luck so far....


Rob Radcliffe