I have went thru the knowledge base and have not been able to resolve my
issue. Here is my configuration running netware5.1.

I have a server functioning as a DHCP server. It has 2 NIC installed.
One is bound to and one is bound to My IP
ranges in DHCP are set 10 to 30 (i.e. to on
both segments.

Computers on segment 205.237.72.** can ping all computers on segement

The reverse is not true.

Specific example: can ping but cannot ping can ping to 15.

Any idea what could be causing this?

I have installed a cable gateway modem at address It does
not appear to have any router functions. I am able to access the
internet via the modem by all computers on segemnt 205.237.72.**. I need
to access the cable modem via computer on segment 203.237.72.**.

Can this be done?