Hi All,

Using Netware 6.0 SP4, Apache 2.0.49a, mod_edir 1.0.6, I am having
problems setting up mod_edir to serve local home directories. The
Apache log reports that a parent directory of the user's home directory
does not exist. In this case, the home directory, web server and ldap
server are all on the same box.

I have tried:
checking case on directory name and home dir property, (changed them
all to lower case as well)
switching slash directions in path, neither '/' or '\' work
confirming that I have public read/filescan access to the directory,
although this should be irrelevant since I am not using a remote

Clearly the LDAP part of the search is working properly, since it finds
the user and the home directory property, but somehow it can not see the
path when it starts to touch the file system. Same server and user
works properly with Apache 1.3.29 and mod_hdirs.

Any thoughts anyone?

Thanks in advance
John Wade

Relevant Config directives :
LoadModule ldap_module modules/utilldap.nlm
<IfModule util_ldap.c>
LoadModule auth_ldap_module modules/authldap.nlm
LoadModule edir_module modules/mod_edir.nlm
RemoteDirEnabled Off

eDirServer student.oakton.edu 389
HomeDirEnabled On
hDirUserTag '~'
hDirUserSubDirectory 'public.www'
hDirSearchContexts ou=Academic.o=oakton
hDirSearchAttr uid
hDirAllowEnabledAccountsOnly On


Errors in log:
[Tue Apr 13 15:44:11 2004] [notice] Apache/2.0.49a (NETWARE) configured
-- resuming normal operations
[Tue Apr 13 15:44:11 2004] [info] Server built: Mar 31 2004 17:31:00
[Tue Apr 13 15:44:17 2004] [debug] rdirutils.c(541): Checking mod_eDir
cache for purgible entries
[Tue Apr 13 15:44:17 2004] [debug] rdirutils.c(462): [client]
Checking cache for entry aaaa0000
[Tue Apr 13 15:44:17 2004] [debug] hdir.c(250): [client] Home
directory entry
uid=STUDENT_HOME0,ou=Resources,ou=Academic,o=OAKTO N#0#users/aaaa0000 for
user aaaa0000
[Tue Apr 13 15:44:17 2004] [debug] rdirutils.c(386): [client]
Adding aaaa0000 to the cache
[Tue Apr 13 15:44:17 2004] [debug] rdirutils.c(431): [client]
aaaa0000 added to the cache
[Tue Apr 13 15:44:17 2004] [debug] hdir.c(353): [client]
Returning home directory path =STUDENT/HOME0:users/aaaa0000 for aaaa0000

[Tue Apr 13 15:44:17 2004] [debug] hdir.c(437): [client] home
dir for user aaaa0000 is =STUDENT/HOME0:users/aaaa0000
[Tue Apr 13 15:44:17 2004] [error] [client] File does not
exist: =STUDENT\\HOME0:/users