Archeologist customer has a main office (15 users) and 2 remote offices (5
users or so each). Many of the employees spend the summer "in the field" --
that means, they dig up old junk all day long in some mud patch, then stay
in some cheap hotel at night. Their mileage varies as to the quality of
their 'net connections. Right now I've got them using NetStorage and GW to

They've got one ancient Novell 6.5 server, running GW right now. They think
I'm great since the last tech was never able to get GW to work outside of
the main office building (duh!).

They are now profitable, and I think that it's time for them to look into a
Citrix / Terminal Services server to augment their Novell server. This
would be used for remote access from the field, and would insure that
everyone could share everything, and all docs would be backed up at night.

Questions --

1. I know that TS used to have issues printing to local (to the user)
printers. Has that now been fixed?

2. Anyone see anything in this scenario that would make me suggest Citrix?

3. Let's see... everyone needs a license (not concurrent users, but rather
named users) for both W2K3 and Terminal Services, right?

4. Any other good ideas?