I've posted this in the ZENworks for HandHelds forum, but haven't received
a response, and I'm running out of time. (Yeah, my boss has asked me
about it, and I'm not a big HandHeld person [PDAs, BlackBerry, etc].)

Is there a "Best Practices" guide on setting passwords for HandHelds?

When we create accounts for users in eDir, we can either do it one at a
time via ConsoleOne or bulkload, and we usually put in the same temporary
first-time password. This gets them into their PC, portal, etc.

How would this work for HandHelds? I'd like to do the same thing (set
initial passwords for a group of HHs). Who has done this, what does it
take to do, and what do you recommend?

Also, I would like to see any sort of Whitepaper on ZEN for HandHelds if
at all possible. Novell's ZENworks site doesn't have much of anything on
it. At least, nothing useful for what I need.