I'm hoping someone can offer a simple explanation.

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My client has introduced a new requirement to determine
how many installations of specified products are
detected/used/unused. It seems to me that the ZenWorks7
Asset Management Product will do this.

I have tested this functionality in the lab using the
standalone evaluation of the product and found it to be
capable of this, but I do not have the opportunity to
review the ZenWorks7 Asset Management Component, so I
have a few questions regarding the differences between
the 2.

AS with all things, the bottom line features heavily in
the decision making process for this, and makes the
difference between what we "should" do, and what we
"will" do.

1) Is it, in fact, the same product?
2) Does the Asset Management Component replace the
Inventory component to the point I will only need 1
Hardware/Software Database? (The Asset database)
3) Does the Asset Inventory component require a
separate agent, or does the ZfD7 Agent contain the
necessary functionality?
4) Does anyone have an opinion whether it is worthwhile
upgrading from ZenWorks4 to ZenWorks7 to gain this
functionality, or should I stick with ZenWorks4 and
install the ZenWorks Asset Management application?
5) If I choose to go with the standalone Asset
Management Application, can I integrate it into
ZenWorks7 if and when the time comes to upgrade?

Any and all opinions welcome, and appreciated