I am trying to get an enterprise install of ZENworks 7 Asset Inventory
set up and I am having some problems and I am hoping someone can help me
out. I have Asset Inventory installed on a Windows 2003 SP1 server with
MSSQL 2000 SP4. When I try to log in to the manager I get the
message "Unable to logon. You must define a valid report ODBC data
source." When I click on the Database button everything is filled in
properly but when I click OK it gives me the message "The selected report
data source must be associated with the database you have chosen to log

I have gone into the ODBC setup to check the specified data source. I
run through the configuration and when I test the connection it passes.
I have even tried deleting the data source and recreating it but the same
thing happens.

Does anyone have any ideas on what is wrong? Thanks in advance for your