I just learned about ZAM at Brainshare and would like to implement
asset inventory (since we are entitled to it by virtual of our owning
ZfD7). I am trying to decide whether we should use the Standalone or
Enterprise install. We have 350 nodes in 3 locations but two of those
locations only have 5 nodes each and these two locations are connected
via T1 lines. I am guessing the asset scans for these 10 PCs aren't
going to be too much of a load on the system. But the documentation
says that you should go with Enterprise if you want to access the
inventory data from more than 1 PC. Well, I have 3 users in our IT
staff that will need to access this data. Does this mean that the
standalone version data isn't available via a web browser? Or if we
used standalone, would each user who wanted to look at the inventory
data have to remote desktop to the server to view?


Marc Johnson