Hello everybody.

I'm wading through the 699+ pages long ZAM 7.5 user's guide and I find
this product a joy!

I've installed version 7.5 on a W2003 server as a standalone
installation; I'm playing around with the Default Option Sets and I'd
like a scan to be made (for test purpose) every day betwenn 8AM and 6PM.

I've been able to get myself acquainted with the General, Collector,
Collection Editor tabs but I feel a bit confused abount the Workstations tab.

By default, the only filter criterium is

Inventory Type = Not-Yet-Scanned

I supposed this is the standard one which allows you to grab some initial
info from the scanned workstations as to start playing with the products.

Given the above assumption (ie, a scan a day) I'm not sure as to what I
have to specify in the criterium: now it reads

Asset Type = Workstation (Generic)

and my idea is that I want to have every kind on wkst (including
UNIX/Linux ones) to be scanned on a daily basis.

Is that correct or I'm missing something?

The docs does not mention about the values you can give to the Asset Type

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