I have a small group of workstations (typically 3) that remain in the
Check Outs tab on the Managers Console long after all of the other
machines completed their scans. I can right-click on these computers and
select Check-In. However, the next day, the remain in the Check Outs tab
all day. I've gone to these XP SP2 PCs and run a scan
(cclient /scannow:edit) and that scan completes in ~2 minutes.

I ran a workstation query to select a PC. I right-click on that PC and
select check-in. I then receive a message 1 Workstation(s) of 1 failed to
check in. This computer was not "greyed" out in the query results. Also,
I can't select Scan workstation (it is greyed out). What steps can I take
to isolate the cause, and how can I scan this workstation.

We are running ZAM 7.5 with PRU Q.