Hi everyone (and a special Hi to Jared :-)

From what I gathered both from the manuals and testing, ZAM 7.5(+IR1) is
able to detect and query network enabled SNMP devices using some SNMP
classes (public being the default one).

By using the SnmpProbe.exe utility and some info gathered from a network
printer status sheet, I've been able to determine that by using SNMP you
could also get the cartridge status, the photoconductor status and a lot
of additional info concerning the device being scanned.

As an example, I have an Epson EPL-6200 laser printer which, once queried
with the above tool, was able to report back a lot of useful info which
an IT admin could happily use (eg, if the device has a parallel/USB port
or both, the ink cartridge levels and what have you).

That lead me to some questions:

1: how do you query SNMP discovered devices from the *manager*?

I tried with a generic IP address search but unsuccessfully.

2: with Windows/MAC workstation you could define Used Defined Fields
(UDF) with which you can associate values you can gather from different
sources (eg, the registry). Is there a way to add UDF for network
discovered devices?

3: assuming point #2 can be accomplished, is there a way to "bind" a
given SNMP value to an UDF field? As an example, it would be great to
define a "Toner level" UDF whose value is gathered from a given printer
MIB record (eg, printer. If this is not possible, then it
would be great to have it in the future (eg, you can give this UDF the
value returned from SNMP:printer. which could be the toner level).


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